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for independent artists and record labels.
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Global Distribution

Get Your music on: Google Play, iTunes,Deezer,Spotify and many more.

Non exclusive

You maintain 100% ownership of your Music, and control how your music is presented and distributed.

ISRC & UPC codes

Provide you UPC & ISRC Codes so that you can distribute your music with ease and without any additional cost.

Dedicated support

Assist you step by step to make your music available online,if you need we are always here for you.

Video Promotion

Promote your music videos on our YouTube and Dailymotion official channels,so you gain new fans.

YouTube Content ID

Monetize Your original Music,which has been uploaded on YouTube by third parties without authorization.

Create your account

Simply by entering your email address,password and you will have access to your new account.

Upload your music

Start by filling out a form with the required data such as: artist name, release name,audio file loads, and Sends.

Receive a report of earnings

Statistics of Streams and Purchases for every store,reports are updated monthly and you can withdraw funds anytime.



1 Artist
Unlimited Tracks
all stores
YouTube Content ID
85% Royalties

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1 Artist
Unlimited Tracks
all stores
YouTube Content ID
95% Royalties

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100 Artists.
Unlimited Tracks.

all stores.
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